Why Have Your Document Translated
by an Environmental Professional?

Your Translator
Barbara Pavlik, M.S.

A command of the source and target languages is only the first step in producing an accurate and effective technical translation.  Because each sector of the environmental industry uses its own, highly specialized terminology, familiarity with these terms is essential.  However, above and beyond this, a translator must understand the processes underlying the subject matter, not only in order to select the correct terms when different options are available, but also to be able to accurately convey the intended meaning in cases where no equivalent term exists (yes, it does happen).   A translation that is performed without this understanding can result in errors that are costly, embarrassing, and in extreme cases, even life-threatening.
I offer my clients the best of both worlds.  Fifteen years of experience and education in the environmental field combined with more than ten years as a language teacher have provided me with both the technical and linguistic know-how to produce accurate and masterful translations of environmental documents.  What is a masterful translation?  It is, quite simply, a translation that maintains the appropriate style and register for the intended audience while conveying all the subtle nuances of your document so precisely and so seamlessly that your readers will never suspect they are reading a translation.  As a native speaker of American English living in the United Kingdom, I am able to translate your documents into either American or British English.
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